euro truck simulator 2 pro mod map expansion thoughts

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24 Oct 2019 20:33

This mod claim to improve looking of cities. I thought it will add some streets to the cities or something. But even bigger cities marked on google map, which should be included in the mod are exactly the same...

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25 Oct 2019 13:16

Which "bigger cities marked on google map"?
We add a lot of cities and roads.
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25 Oct 2019 16:58

I tried prague, which is exactly the same and than i was looking on paris on berlin on the map and there are 2 basic streets and thats it. Which cities on map got maximum number of streets ? Because it looks exactly the same.

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25 Oct 2019 17:51

I think that "bigger cities marked on google map" are those cities whose names are written in bold on google maps.
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25 Oct 2019 19:48

I don't really understand what you want to show... Paris isn't even a ProMods city, and Berlin look really nice and big with many realistic streets.

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25 Oct 2019 23:50

If you look on the COMPATIBILITY page, you can see lists of all the cities added or improved by ProMods. It's quite an extensive list which includes many cities or towns not on the vanilla map. It's also not just about cities, but the highways and roads connecting them, these are also greatly improved over the vanilla base map.

SCS's quality has improved recently, so with some of the more recent DLCs, it's my understanding that ProMods has decided to keep the SCS material so they can concentrate on their own unique and high quality material elsewhere. This makes sense to me, and I'm very happy with the result, a merger of the best of both!

Perhaps you should spend some time actually looking around the map, particularly at cities listed as ProMods cities, before claiming that things are "exactly the same". That's obviously not the case.

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26 Oct 2019 02:59

Try London or Wien if you are looking for big cities
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27 Oct 2019 23:35

One single point where he is right is City Hamburg.. I am really missing the former promods version and wonder if there is a chance of a return of the good old city with some polish here and there, new buildings and so on, but with a driveable portarea again and a drivable Köhlbrandbridge again.
It is a shame that you thrown this nice city away.

But that is the only point for me atm.

@ emeat
Berlin looks definitely different from SCS one. Frankfurt looks different. Munich is totally different, or did you ever see the Allianz Arena at SCS Vanillamap. Look at Nürnberg. It differs also totally fr scs version.
As well as Wien or London.. Not to forget that Promods did the whole A7 from Flensburg to Austria. Good meanwhile scs did it too, but Only until Hattenbacher Dreieck... Maybe they make the rest to Austria in the next step too. But for now Promods has it only. As well as A5 to Swiss border.
A14 in germany is not on scs map, in Promods the e it is..
Or look at north Sweden and north Norway or north Finnland.. Promods has it.. Scs hasn't..

So what are you talking about when you say promods does not changes anything?
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