Which are the most completed states of the C2C map quality wise?

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22 Jul 2019 19:59

I think that the developers of C2C did that at the beginning just to fulfill the whole US but now they start remaking everything, specially the most-known states such as Texas or Florida.
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23 Jul 2019 19:11

There were no developers at the beginning. It was one person and still is, doing 90% of the work. There are sections here and there where others have submitted some small parts tho. NC got some love and TN is next. FL has been done for a long time. Some extra enchancements around I10 are recent (within past 1 year) and some prefab texture fixes (that i told him about)

All texas is getting is basically roads and more roads and nothing but roads by 1 person who is from texas. Not actual scenery tbh. Just roads. But they are realistic. Check out the roadwork around the DFW area. No way it will ever be fleshed out but makes you appreciate the scaled down size.

I was talking specifically for terrain because nobody is doing any of that iirc. And you cant do montana without that so my faith in that contribution is slim :)

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29 Jul 2019 11:33

For those who don't know the C2C story, here it is. When ATS first came out, I looked in the editor and saw that the background map covered the whole country. I then wondered how long it would take to drive to the East coast, so I made a simple mod with a road to Boston (with a few cities along the way). I then released it for anyone who was interested in seeing how long it took. That was all I planned do until people started asking me to added cities and interstates etc. The roads had no detail, but they didn't seem to mind. Eventually I figured I had better start adding some detail, so started with Florida. C2C is not intended to be super detailed as I don't have the time for all the minutiae.

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30 Jul 2019 09:44

Nice, Mantrid's here! :D Never knew the true story behind it, thanks for that!

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06 Oct 2019 20:21

I merged C2C with Mexico Maps. now I have deliveries more than 4000 miles and It is really amazing. Although, in real life you leave the trailers at the border and Mexican drivers take the trailer from the boarder to their states.


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29 Oct 2019 21:25

Mantrid, for me the same answer:

Glad to know the full story now and i was pleased and still am with certain details of the map and the impression that you need to drive sometimes to get there where you want :D due the fact its not around the corner.
Thanks for making the map....

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06 Nov 2019 17:00

Nice, Mantrid's here! :D Never knew the true story behind it, thanks for that!

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