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06 Nov 2019 17:29

Platypus wrote:
05 Nov 2019 23:53

In addition of renewal of road textures (which will have the correct markings), a new area with few small cities will come in Israël ...
Also, road 90 will be completed from North to South (including West Bank). Here the northern end of this road :

Golan heights will not be included. As for Lebanon border, sorry but it will remain closed in Mid-East addon, as it's in real life ...

like it,
I am from Israel
There are a number of important cities in Israel that are missing the map:
Tiberias - *Very important*
Bat yam (Near Tel aviv)
zefat\Meron (In the winter Snow)

more things:
The distance between Haifa and Netanya, between Haifa and Acre and Ashdod and Tel Aviv
Too small, feels really short
we need more cities *please* like in real life (almost everywhere u can see a small town and cities haha)
our 2 International Airport - Natbag and Ramoon are Missing
Eilat - Looks really good but A tourist city with lots of hotels (need more Hotels and shopping mall)
Tel aviv - The heart of the city is Missing - Azrieli towers

I know that's a lot to ask for, but I want the mod to upgrade,
The Israeli community play regularly in Mod, greatly appreciate your work, thank you very much. ;)

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06 Nov 2019 18:20


Thanks a lot for your comment and your interest on my work. Remarks coming from somebody living in the area are for me highly valuable.
I try indeed to improve the map as much as possible and will take time to review your suggestions.

However, something what must be kept in mind is the 1/19 scale which does'nt allow to represent everything.
Should I add all cities, Israeli coast would look as an uninterupted city.
Scale explains why you already find distance between some cities so short ... Sorry but I have just no more place.

So, I have to do some choices, by example:

- Tiberias : it will of course be included. Simply, it's not yet ready to show pictures
- Nahariya : no place between Akko and Lebanon border
- Hadera : I could maybe represent it but it would be very close of Netanya and Haifa
- Afula : I plan it as scenery city. Otherwise, it would be very close of Nazareth, which is planned as city.

For others, I must investigate but city density in Israel is already very high compared to other countries.
However, some scenery cities are an option, as the building density of the coast is indeed very high.

Airports : Israel has already a lot of visible airports. As aviation passionate, I'm trying to take care of this aspect.
Natbag (I suppose you mean Ben Gurion airport) is included but not reachable, with a flying El Al plane. I have no place to build a complete highway junction for it ...
For Eilat, I prefered the old and very typical airport in center of city, but maybe Ramon airport could be added.

For Azrieli towers, I should need to create a model and I'm not precisely a moddeler. I will see what I can do ...

Have a nice evening ;-)


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07 Nov 2019 21:23

Thanks for the quick reply! :D
I got it now..

some more ideas: (It would be nice even if a small part were added to Mod):
the road to Tiberias in reality is very mountainous, ups and downs and turns
Road No. 6 - Is a toll road, a non-stop but paid pass.
If you can add a few cities in South of Israel.
if u can add the city (Karmiel)

More roads:
road No. 10 (on the border with egypt)
road No. 40 (with city mitzpe ramon)
road No. 12 (another way to Eilat)

and scenery cities (really needed mate)
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09 Nov 2019 15:14

Time for some additional pictures. This time, I finished the renewal of northern coast of Israel, between Akko and Lebanon border.
The whole road 4 / highway 2 along the coast will be refreshed, as it included some oldest part of my work.

Also, I found place for Nahariya as a scenery city (no industries)
NorthIL1.jpg (200.43 KiB) Viewed 1188 times
NorthIL2.jpg (215.89 KiB) Viewed 1188 times
NorthIL3.jpg (161.43 KiB) Viewed 1188 times


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rudenkov vladimir
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09 Nov 2019 23:51

Look good. Thank you for your work.
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03 Oct 2013

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10 Nov 2019 00:04

id777 ;)

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10 Nov 2019 11:27

amazing! Keep up the good work my friend.

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10 Nov 2019 17:24

Today, I started by some work in Aqaba. Jordan will also have new road lines :
Aqaba4.jpg (214.41 KiB) Viewed 688 times
Then I worked on Galilee. A very green area with a lot of agriculture :
NorthIL5.jpg (217.19 KiB) Viewed 688 times
NorthIL6.jpg (180.26 KiB) Viewed 688 times


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10 Nov 2019 19:32

Looks great!
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11 Nov 2019 01:02

nice :p

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