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[Central] Free download questions

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22 Nov 2019 09:02

there isn't a file that was downloaded called promods-v220.7z
could you please tell me the reason of this please

Promods test
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22 Nov 2019 17:25

same problem with me can anybody help

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Re: [Central] Free download questions
I can unzip promods.v242.7z.001 but not promods.v242.7z

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23 Nov 2019 12:51

I believe both of you should review the tutorial. You need all 7 parts before you can extract.
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27 Nov 2019 14:21

I try to download, and only came nº1 in rar, the rest came in a file unknow, i had no problems to pasy.. i just dont have how.. plz help me, or tell me is possibel pay with payshop ???
tks in advanced

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27 Nov 2019 14:41


you do not have to extract each archive - just extract archive nr. 1 and then it will extract all files automatically.

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27 Nov 2019 15:39

I think i didnt made me understand :) ... im trying to download free, i saw a help video, that say, he have to download all one by one.
The 1º one and the DEF came ok.. one in .scs anf the other in winrar, but the rest file unknow :(
Sry for boder you, and tks!!
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27 Nov 2019 16:12

So to be precise . . . You are saying that even though the file's dont show up as an scs / winrar / or 7zip file that they will still automatically extract ( even though they show as corrupt downloads ) once ALL 7 part's are downloaded and part 1 its self is then opened and extracted ?

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27 Nov 2019 16:15

Yes, if you unzip the first file then all other will open automatically. Follow our Tutorial:
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27 Nov 2019 16:19

Ok. Thank you very much. If anyone ask's me about this I will make sure to relay the same to them as to help and prevent thread flooding and such. Have a great and I appreciate your timely response.

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27 Nov 2019 22:46

Hey Guys I wanted to install Promodsv.242 and I have an issue with the first of the seven zip archives. I've downloaded the file now three times and WINRAR always tells me that the file is corrupted. I also tried to unpack the file with 7Zip but the archive is still empty. What can I do to get a not corrupted first archive?

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