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02 Dec 2019 23:40

A quick g'day to all you truckers.

Long time driving professional who has retired from the highway (except for leisure) and changed careers. Old man was a truckie, mum was a driving instructer, so you could say I was born for the road. It hasnt treated me or my workmates kindly over the years, and so the next best thing?

Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Im not hardcore tho, I play easy auto mode with an xbox controller, as much as I would love the full steering wheel and shifter set up, it is what it is. I love the driving without the hassle of transport bosses calling/texting/messaging you all the time :) plus, no hoighty toighty receptionists and warehouse managers with their ties too tight, or crazy ass forklift drivers.

Just my wife at 3am going, 'baby, its 3am, you're over your driving hours, come to bed.'

Keep on Truckin'

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03 Dec 2019 12:59

G'day mate and welcome
I am Image Dutch living in Image New Zealand and I speak Image EN Image DE Image SE Image FR

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04 Dec 2019 00:18

PilgrimOZ Hello and welcome to ProMods!
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03 Oct 2013

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04 Dec 2019 20:22

Welcome PilgrimOZ !
My English is exclusively from the Translator

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05 Dec 2019 12:44

Welcome to ProMods PilgrimOZ! :)
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14 Dec 2019 13:01

welcome PilgrimOZ !

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