[2.41] Finland, HCT cargo market job endpoint across wall

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16 Aug 2019 16:50

Finland - Sodankylä, around 42079.9 81.225 -95761.4 the job endpoint is across a wall when on HCT jobs. Besides being very tricky to complete the job, after you finish it the truck gets re-spawned in reverse direction and leads to what is shown in the picture, as you can imagine.


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19 Aug 2019 11:33

Could you please give full coordinates?

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01 Sep 2019 23:00

I have tried testing this with HCT cargos bound to ICA in Sodankylä (based on the screenshot, this affects that company prefab there). When starting an HCT delivery from that company, my rig got spawned in properly.
As CptCaribbean said, can you please clarify the coordinate and make a screenshot of the parking spot icon?
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04 Dec 2019 20:33

Could you please give full coordinates?
can you please clarify the coordinate
The former triplet encodes the position. The latter triplet encodes the rotation. Given that there can only be one loading zone at a particular position, rotation is not necessary for this particular report.

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04 Dec 2019 20:35

We always need full coordiantes including sectors, since this is how our Bugtracker requires the coordinates to be entered for all features to work.
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