Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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07 Dec 2019 02:55

The future of this add-on looks very promising. Currently, as good as it is, it's a little bit hard to drive a significant distance while staying in the middle east. Jordan and that little bit of Iraq will definitely fix that. Iraq-Egypt journeys should be fun.

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10 Dec 2019 14:20

Hello again!
For your Turkey plans, I wanted to suggest alternate roads.
(Black is Rttbs DLC roads)
(Orange is motorways and blue is state roads)
First off I think the route that passes Konya and continues on is a better option, due to it not requiring a rebuild/rescale of Istanbul.

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10 Dec 2019 17:49

Platypus once said he is considering building the Ankara route to connect the maps with his Middle East. The main problem I see is that trucks, busses etc. have to use the third bridge, which when build in ETS2 would not fit into the map due to the scaling. Therefore it unfortunately looks like SCS has got no plans on building Turkey any further. But I may be wrong.
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10 Dec 2019 18:56

That is correct, however there are a lot of issues with Istanbul if it's Asian side also gets built (since Istanbul extends as far as Izmit in game, some parts of it would be cut or rebuilt) so because of that I think there can be Gelibolu-Lapseki or Yenikapı-Mudanya (Bursa) ferry can be a better option.

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11 Dec 2019 18:10

I've edited the def files to localise country and city names.
Still doesn't work with Arabic/Hebrew characters though.

If any devs would like the localised city/country .sii files I'll happily send you a link.
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11 Dec 2019 19:06

At some point the Asian part of Turkey will be built. Connecting the add-on weirdly to avoid Istanbul will just delay the problem.

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13 Dec 2019 21:44

If you open the map editor and go to the İstanbul, you will see that SCS allready put the bosphorus on the map. So this gives me hope that they will be crossing the other side. I also believe that they don't even need to rescale İstanbul, thanks to newly made third bridge passing from the north which is also a must use direction for the trucks. So they easily can do that with using the north direction.

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13 Dec 2019 22:27


Time for new pictures, this time from Jordan Valley (Israel/Jordan border) and the north of Jordan :
ILJO1.jpg (202.89 KiB) Viewed 1398 times
ILJO2.jpg (142.17 KiB) Viewed 1398 times
ILJO3.jpg (175.58 KiB) Viewed 1398 times
Also, here some answers/remarks about all comments I have seen :

- Turkey (and Syrian coast) : it will quite certainly be added in the future. I can't say now how much will be done, but I think a corridor road going thru Ankara should be planned.
Of course, we will find a solution for Istanbul. However, don't wait this at short term, it represents a lot of work.
- Language on Israeli signs. Yes, they should be trilingual ... However, it's not done everywhere actually.
- Hebrew and Arabic are not supported on the in-game map, sorry.
- 1.36 update is now available. However, it's only a compatibility update for the new version. New content will come in next version, when it will be ready.



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14 Dec 2019 00:05

Thank you for your work. Good luck!
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14 Dec 2019 01:46

Thank you for the new awesome Jordan pictures :D

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