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19 Dec 2019 13:45

Hi Promods-Community,

I have a very general question, which of the three graphics packs (see above) do you prefer and where are the differences. Which mod contains the best textures and which the best weather effects etc. Or it makes sense to combine the mods?

Unfortunately I cannot make a decision at the moment, my goal is to make the graphics as realistic as possible. Just assume that I have a corresponding PC (RTX 2070 Super + Amd Ryzen 5 3600). Or is the vanilla version with DirextX 11 now sufficient?

I appreciate useful tips. Should of course run with Promods. :-)


PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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19 Dec 2019 14:08

NextGen.. + grimes seasonal mod..
// ETS2 v.1.36+Promods 2.43+Roextended 2.4(P)+RSK Turkey 1.9.5+RusMap 2.0+Southern Region 7.9+TGS 1.36 //

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19 Dec 2019 15:13

Hi There,

Personally I really like RGM but currently I am using Naturalux as RGM is not out for 1.36 yet.
PNG is really great but a problem I have with it is that the scenery becomes a bit plain and the lighting makes things seem more overcast as with Naturalux a sunny day feels like a sunny day.

For total easy package RGM
For brighter lighting and spectacular skyboxes Naturalux
For the most realism PGN

Of course this my opninion and you or an other experience this differently

Kind regards

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