Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Dec 2019 21:43

yeh like yks team eu turkey map that border was really big and great

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21 Dec 2019 03:10

A thread and brief but important information, I think this type of message would be more necessary in the Forum to avoid so many doubts, repeated threads, discussions, etc.

Thanks for the info and the graphic image. ;)

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21 Dec 2019 04:17

dlaczego dlc droga do morza czarnego nie dziala z promod 2.43


dlc why the road to the Black Sea does not work with promod 2.43
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21 Dec 2019 08:49

It is not merged yet.
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22 Dec 2019 18:07

erkinalp wrote:
20 Dec 2019 06:56
ProMods should make the Kapıkule border even larger to accomodate the congestion in ETS2MP :)
It is more realistic in this way. There is allways Truck congestion there anyway:P

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23 Dec 2019 03:54

Hello! These blue roads are suggestions for improving the DLC road network. ;)

Developers, what do you think about it?

id777 ;)

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23 Dec 2019 07:29

Let us start by completing the merge first and then we can see what can be added.
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23 Dec 2019 08:00

Such a fool am I, just noticed.
You're going to keep/add/rebuild the I4 from Veliko Turnovo to Hemus Highway(A2) via Sofia?
That's one of the most important roads in Bulgaria missing in the game. Thanks for that. :)

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23 Dec 2019 09:55

scs made the announcement of this dlc with a mini carriage that goes somewhere through Bulgaria. is there this mini horse carriage somewhere and where exactly? I wish I could see it in the game!

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23 Dec 2019 13:41

You can see them in 11 locations around the DLC area, but never on a drivable road. They're spawning on dirt roads, sometimes close to the player, sometimes not.
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