ProMods 2.45 has been released. It runs on game version 1.36 and requires ALL map DLCs. It is not compatible with open beta 1.37.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sadly unable to expand our server capacity as per usual and the free download servers are likely to be overwhelmed upon release. Please be kind and patient or use the paid service for a better experience.

Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Dec 2019 21:43

yeh like yks team eu turkey map that border was really big and great

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21 Dec 2019 03:10

A thread and brief but important information, I think this type of message would be more necessary in the Forum to avoid so many doubts, repeated threads, discussions, etc.

Thanks for the info and the graphic image. ;)

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21 Dec 2019 04:17

dlaczego dlc droga do morza czarnego nie dziala z promod 2.43


dlc why the road to the Black Sea does not work with promod 2.43
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21 Dec 2019 08:49

It is not merged yet.
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22 Dec 2019 18:07

erkinalp wrote:
20 Dec 2019 06:56
ProMods should make the Kapıkule border even larger to accomodate the congestion in ETS2MP :)
It is more realistic in this way. There is allways Truck congestion there anyway:P

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23 Dec 2019 03:54

Hello! These blue roads are suggestions for improving the DLC road network. ;)

Developers, what do you think about it?

id777 ;)

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23 Dec 2019 07:29

Let us start by completing the merge first and then we can see what can be added.
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23 Dec 2019 08:00

Such a fool am I, just noticed.
You're going to keep/add/rebuild the I4 from Veliko Turnovo to Hemus Highway(A2) via Sofia?
That's one of the most important roads in Bulgaria missing in the game. Thanks for that. :)

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23 Dec 2019 09:55

scs made the announcement of this dlc with a mini carriage that goes somewhere through Bulgaria. is there this mini horse carriage somewhere and where exactly? I wish I could see it in the game!

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23 Dec 2019 13:41

You can see them in 11 locations around the DLC area, but never on a drivable road. They're spawning on dirt roads, sometimes close to the player, sometimes not.
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