[REL] RusMap 1.9.2 (unofficial adaptation by Sergey061) [1.36.x] [UPD 2019-12-26]

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22 Dec 2019 18:41



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25 Dec 2019 01:38


Any idea why RusMap is not working?

The game is updated, the newest files downloaded, all required DLC's owned.
ProMods is working but RusMap not exactly.
Also kindly inform if Poland Rebuilding 2.4 compares with actual ProMods version.


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25 Dec 2019 10:52

Hi forest2g,

The RusMap v1.9.1 Def Package must be under the ProMods v2.43 Assets Package and you have activated it in the wrong place.

Here is the right loading order for you:

ProMods 2.42 + RusMap 1.9.2 v1.35 Road Connection v1.2
RusMap Map 1.9.2 Package (not original for 1.35)
RusMap v1.9.2 Model 2 Package (not original for 1.35)
RusMap v1.9.2 Model Package (not original for 1.35)
ProMods v2.43 Definition Package
ProMods v2.43 Map Package
ProMods v2.43 Media Package
ProMods v2.43 Models Package 3
ProMods v2.43 Models Package 2
ProMods v2.43 Models Package 1
ProMods v2.43 Assets Package
RusMap v1.9.2 Def Package (not original for 1.35)

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,
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25 Dec 2019 11:36

hello, i downloaded all 5 files but the files do not show up in the mod manager. the files are 7-zip files, but i can´t extract them.
I need also the Rusmap Def 1.9.1_1.35(Not original).....can someone please help me and tell me what to do?

thank you

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25 Dec 2019 12:05

Hi chris1808,, I use the WinRar program to unzip the file and the Rusmap Def 1.9.1_1.35 is included in the package.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,

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25 Dec 2019 12:11

Happy Holidays to all
chris1808 wrote:
25 Dec 2019 11:36
but i can´t extract them.
Eho !!!
Download the soft "7-Zip" of the web for extract the "scs" files from "7-zip" files.
chris1808 wrote:
25 Dec 2019 11:36
I need also the Rusmap Def 1.9.1_1.35(Not original)
He is also in it.
!!! ENJOY !!!

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26 Dec 2019 19:10

Map updated to version 1.9.2. Added cities in Belarus: Volkovysk and Slonim.
 For publication, files were transferred to the moderator.
 I'm sorry for the inconvenience..

Карта обновлена до версии 1.9.2. Добавлены города в Беларуси: Волковыск и Слоним.
Для публикации файлы переданы модератору.
Прошу прощения за неудобства..

Отправлено спустя 14 минут 15 секунд:
The card is partially adapted for patch 1.36
 Download links))) I hope the moderators will transfer them to the first message.
https://sharemods.com/gkscchyupa4b/RusM ... z.001.html
https://sharemods.com/zounco6s2r01/RusM ... z.002.html
https://sharemods.com/9jn397czn8dj/RusM ... z.003.html
https://sharemods.com/c0xfksxc4ix0/RusM ... z.004.html
https://sharemods.com/os3xf2eylecd/RusM ... z.005.html

Connector for communication with ProMods 2.42 / 2.43
https://sharemods.com/b9y3xoz8pz8d/PPM2 ... 2.scs.html
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26 Dec 2019 23:10

I will work with Poland Rebuilding ?

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26 Dec 2019 23:14

Thank you dear Sergey, so v1.9.2 is working on 1.36, and we don't need fix anymore?

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26 Dec 2019 23:31

Hey all!

I'm new to the ETS2 mod community but I really want to get the map for Belarus because my fiancee is from Belarus and it would be fun to play the Belarus maps with her.

Anyways, I've downloaded promods 2.43 and the newly posted Rusmap v 1.9.2 that Sergey just posted. I play the steam version of ETS2 and it is on Version 1.36. I still cannot see Belarus.

Is the problem just that I'm on steam version 1.36? Is there an additional file I need for it to work on V 1.36?

Thanks all!

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