Hi, my name is Linda.

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13 Jan 2020 14:41

Hey guys and girls. My name is Linda, 47 years of age, gamer since the fisrt hour so, quite some time under the belt. Mostly sims, but the occasional RPg or shooter.

Came across your mod, installed it next to NaturaLux and was blow away...
The work you guys have put into this, is mind boggling...

Keep up the good work...awesome job!!!

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13 Jan 2020 17:08

Welcome to the forum Linda! :)
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13 Jan 2020 19:00

Welcome Linda! :)
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13 Jan 2020 19:43


Greetings from Belgium :D

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13 Jan 2020 20:06

Hi Linda, welcome !

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13 Jan 2020 20:42

Hi Linda! Welcome to Promods!
Don’t let the time fool you, It’s actually a hour behind (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) because I’m from the UK (Hour ahead in British Summer Time, BST)

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