Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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04 Feb 2020 04:41

I think they'll be able to handle it.
Some roads thru the rockies are at almost 5400ft's elevation "1650metres" above sea level.
Trans-Canada Hwy, at the border between BC and Alberta.
In USA, Eisenhower Tunnel, 11158 ft (3401 m) above sea level.
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04 Feb 2020 08:49

Promods already made such high roads: in Andorra.
Also, team Sierra Nevada made such high roads.
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05 Feb 2020 19:32

Well in the first version the highlight will probably be the coquihalla highway, which is not only exactly in the middle of the map but also absolutely mindblowing. Im still amazed by how well we were able to represent it on the map and it will give you guys a first taste of mountains in ATS by ProMods.
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08 Feb 2020 17:32

bring it on look forward to it when ready
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18 Feb 2020 01:16

bricksathome wrote:
31 Jan 2020 17:06
It's been a Little while since there have been any images from Canada; This was taken on the Trans Canada Highway just East of Kamloops!
Very much looking forward to this expansion, and continually impressed by your progress! I've stopped at the Tim Hortons just out of frame of that shot many times travelling between Vancouver and Calgary.
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29 Feb 2020 19:58

I have a Question about Promods Ats: it will be too on Trucker Mp like Promods in Euro truck simulator 2 that's will be good because the map is amazing.
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09 Mar 2020 15:44

Shiva wrote:
04 Feb 2020 04:41
I think they'll be able to handle it.
Some roads thru the rockies are at almost 5400ft's elevation "1650metres" above sea level.
Trans-Canada Hwy, at the border between BC and Alberta.
In USA, Eisenhower Maneki, 11158 ft (3401 m) above sea level.
One of the best road projects in the mountains. Shows how much we can do for our own safety.

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25 Mar 2020 04:27

OMG Good work, your team has to do vancouver island, it also has a ferry coming from horseshoe bay to departure bay, and a ferry from tsawwassen to duke point, and you should also add a ferry in port angeles headed to Victoria. It would make my dream come true. Good job so far promods team!

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25 Mar 2020 09:10

It's on the wishlist but it won't be included for the first version
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25 Mar 2020 17:10

So, I gues, if ProMods 2.45 for ETS2 is coming, we can expect more information about British Colubia Edition, or even a teaser very soon? Or you waiting, until SCS will end 1.37 beta test and make a stabe version? I asked, because there is been a while since last news about this map. And of course guys, good job! I like your ETS2 Map so much! And I so exited about map for ATS

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