Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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25 Mar 2020 20:20

WOW! This looks amazing. I live at Mile 54 of Highway 97 (Also Known as the ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian) Highway). I'm really praying that they do Highway 97 accurately, between the constant winding nature of it and the extreme elevation changes that bring heavy loads down to a walking pace the entire way up. For most of the really heavy loads they have to do push pull combos because a single rig would not be able to make the hill's. Being a historical route it would be amazing to have it recreated with mile markers and all..... I know it's asking a lot but having driven it from Vancouver all the way to Carcross, Yukon, it is truly a bucket list drive. Once you get North of Ft Nelson it is just pure Nature at it's finest. And while the roads are rough and relatively un maintained and wildlife around every corner, the way the roads flow in, out and over the mountains is memorizing to say the least. Anyways enough rambling lol. This looks amazing! Cannot wait.

Here's a Historical video about the ALCAN :)

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26 Mar 2020 16:59

Douutisay wrote:
25 Mar 2020 04:27
OMG Good work, your team has to do vancouver island, it also has a ferry coming from horseshoe bay to departure bay, and a ferry from tsawwassen to duke point, and you should also add a ferry in port angeles headed to Victoria. It would make my dream come true. Good job so far promods team!
The best part is that it seems that SCS already modelled the Black Ball terminal in Port Angeles and it looks like it could be functional if programmed to be.

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01 Apr 2020 23:01

Happy 1 year anniversary of this projects announcement! Still one of the greatest April Fools pranks I have ever seen :D !

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