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29 Jul 2018 23:46

Nico, is there anyway I could also download your manual as well ?

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I wanted to add my custom truck(actually a bus) as a static vehicle parked in the map. Not a dedicated parking area but just one parked static vehicle in the map. I created a new SII file (bus_model.sii) in Def\World using the Opalin default bus sii as a reference.


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model_def : model.bus_volvo {
	model_desc: "/vehicle/truck/dbmx/volvo/9700/px/mago/pxt_6x2.pmd"
	category: "vehicle"
I added this as a new mod in the mod folder and opened map editor in ETS2, I don't see this in the list of available models to add. I see the Opalin bus but not this one.

Thanks for your help!

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17 Feb 2019 10:15

hi... can you show how ca i add a background map image for a real map?

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Can someone upload the ATS Mapping Manual in other website ? Please, We have to pay in the actual web site to download the manual.

Thanks a lot.

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I already got the manual, so thanks a lot, I will appreciate if you had any manual update, today the path to have our mod map is in base_map/map... I'll continue reading the Manual, Thanks a lot!

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How i can add audio spheres in map editor ?

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