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Mitsos M.
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02 Apr 2022 10:34

Hi to all

First of all, let me clarify that this is not an April's foolsjoke, it's a serious method and I would like to get this method reviewed by an experienced mapper.

As we all know, ETS2 is in 1:19 scale. That means that 1 in-game kilometer is equal to 19 rl kilometers. In UK this is 1:15 and inside cities it is 1:3. Here, I found a method of calculating how many cities can fit inside the 1:19 map.

All you have to do is to draw a polygonal area in Google Earth, Google My Maps or any other software you have, around the city, and then multiply the area by 19 and draw the polygon again, this time 19 times larger, as you calculated (For example, if a city is 70 km2, it has to be 1330 km2 on the map.) Here's what I managed to calculate for Cyprus


As you can see, it's all cities 4 existing in ProMods Cyprus. Please note that they should note instersect.

That's how I managed to fit them all, if someone knows better I'll happy to hear them. ;)
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OMNI du 31
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02 Apr 2022 17:43

Cyprus might not be the best example for it because it is relatively old. Therefore, it was built with the old technique of mapping where you try to "squeeze in" as much as you can. Now, a smooth driving experience while following real life regulations has a bit more priority. Because this is a truck driving simulator in the end. You can take a look at how Andorra is done in 2.60.

On the other hand, the map scale is 1:19 but major cities are built in 1:5 and small cities are built in 1:10. With Iberia, SCS started to built major cities in 1:3 scale but I personally don't like it.
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05 Sep 2022 23:36

1:3 cities are nice. I hate major cities being only a small industrial zone even tho it is a truck game and you have no place at a city centre.
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