[Fixed] [#339] E45, typo on sign

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02 Sep 2014 14:37

Hi guys,i have find a road sign problem not appropried in this direction of E45 Aalborg/Hirtshals/Frederikshavn
i have a sign "E45 Arhus".It is on the road from Viborg to Aalborg (E45)
Thank you for your work guys!
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02 Sep 2014 18:27

Please post a screenshot and the coördinates, that would make it much easier for the Promods-team :)
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02 Sep 2014 22:13

Found it. It's actually along road 13 which goes from Viborg to Aalborg. It is indeed misplaced as, at that point, the only direction one can go is Aalborg.

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 Misplaced sign along road 13, Denmark. ; [02/09/2014  23:11] (sec-0001-0009);-328.084;-0.569122;-34380.7

Edit: image upload failed first time, added screenshot.
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14 Nov 2014 12:21

Fixed in 1.80
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