New map modder needs help with editor background

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07 Mar 2024 13:18

Hello there!

I am quite new to map modding and the only things I really done there so far was editing signs and trying out the tools here and there, nothing big or useful. Now, I want to actually get into map modding and I wanted to make an area in Russia. The issue: the background map in the editor is too small, so I don't have any reference for the roads :( .

How can I replace this map with a bigger map that includes the area I'm trying to build?

Thanks in advance,
VinsWie :D

(also if a mod sees this, could you perhaps change my forum name, I thought I'd only ever use this account for downloading ;))
I like license plates

(Yes, I am VinsWie, just picked a random name in here)

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08 Mar 2024 09:46

Hello there,

Check this topic: ... mport.html.

And for the name change. You can request to do it in this topic: viewtopic.php?t=34400

Best Regards,
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30 Mar 2024 07:49

Recently I tried to make a background myself. ... 8#p1913658

do watch this video, and follow him step by step (pause video if you need to)

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