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I registered today (March 31, 2024) and wanted to say hello to all the others who enjoy ATS and ETS simulators. I've been enjoying both simulators for quite a few years now but do tend to gravitate more to ATS because it more closely represents the surroundings, scenery and roadways where I live. I reside southwestern Canada, east of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I play offline and haven't played online with any game since about 2004-05. My general philosophy about gaming is that you want to enjoy the time you spend, so configure your gaming experience so that YOU enjoy it. FUN is Number One. Fun over Frustration... things like that. Personally I prefer a customized gaming experience that is both realistic and very challenging, emphasis on the realism. Sometimes I'm in the mood to load a different profile and spend time enjoying an "easier game" where finances are easier or the economy is "rich" in it's rewards. Whether it's in gaming or real life I love driving. I also love racing (gaming; Formula One), as well as many other simulation type games, in particular, excellent "survival" themed games. One of my favorites is called "The Long Dark". (Hopefully the moderators allow me to mention this other game, if not you can delete that part of the post. Thank you in advance.)

Well, that's my short introduction. Ah yes, how about I scribble my name. *quiet laugh*
My username is NorthernSanta but my real name is Jim. There's a good chance I won't be online very often but I will pop in from time to time.
I would like to thank not only the people behind creating the custom mods for ProMods but also to all of the gamers and Mod-makers out there who take the time to create, modify and share those with the rest of the community. The default vanilla game is great, but some mods can really make the game more appealing, alive or special. So, a BIG THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU MOD-MAKERS!

Take care and always drive safe, in gaming or in real life... one real life moment can change many lives forever.
~ Jim (NorthernSanta)

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