[Fixed] [#438] [1.80] Vicenza, invisible wall

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23 Nov 2014 14:28

i Have found an invisible Wall in the near of Vicenza


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23 Nov 2014 18:37


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23 Nov 2014 21:23


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24 Nov 2014 01:00

Me too, same spot exactly.

Trying to get my delivery done in Vincenza...

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24 Nov 2014 01:26


While on the way to Vicenza from Verona, I hit an invisible wall which damages the truck too badly. It happened once also in France I guess, but at that time I was on phone so I thought I'd hit somewhere else. But I think it might be an invisible wall as well, because when I checked what happened, I saw nothing.

I can't spot the exact place but it should be between 30-50km to Vicenza. As I said, from Verona.

The only mod I am using is ProMods, nothing else. I also have something called base.scs but I think that's not a separate mode but the game itself.

Just because of this I lost almost 40,000€ on a single trip. Come on dude, I got loan payments. :(

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24 Nov 2014 10:20

We have identified the first problem: it's the barrier end on the neighbouring road casting a ridiculously long collision model, stretching over the road. This causes an invisible wall

There is also a terrain bug on that road, related to the second problem/
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24 Nov 2014 12:05

Just hit it myself. Was going in the right lane and bam! 36% damage. And as reported, terrain bugs as well. Just look at the grass growing out of the road for instance. (Using Realistic Lighting (old) and one traffic mod "Jazzycat's v1.8")



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25 Nov 2014 10:22

Fixed in the next version.
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