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10 Jul 2024 16:11

I'm pretty sure this is a dumb question, but I've tried searching, to no avail.

I have learned that the convoy mod is needed for convoy mode. Obviously. As I understand it, this is used instead of the definition file that comes as part of Pro Mods. I also understand that the convoy mod actually IS the definition mod, with some extra coding that also allows convoy mode to work. However, I've also noticed that the convoy mod works perfectly fine in single play.

Which begs my question (and I'm sorry if it's dumb), when downloading Pro Mods, would it not not make more sense to give us the convoy mod by default, INSTEAD of the definition file? The convoy mod works for both single player AND convoy mode.

So....what am I missing?

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13 Jul 2024 23:43

The def file is customisable in the def generator so that each player can customise some settings such as the navigation/map appearance but also custom settings such as damage.
Because of these customised settings it's impossible to use the file in convoy because another player may have other settings and it will then mismatch causing the convoy to fail.
The convoy def file is totally "standardised" in the sense that all settings are the same therefore all players have the same configuration which then allows convoy to successfully work.
Because the vast majority of players do not play in convoy mode it remains preferable to have the customisation options for those players who require them.
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