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10 Nov 2013 14:06

We know you have a 'when it is done' approach to the modpack, and quite frankly, I appreciate your professionalism and devotion to your creation.

But my question is : do you have any idea of a rough eta for your next update? Or do you have a rough idea of what this next update will consist of?

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10 Nov 2013 19:28

What I would like to see is some sort of progression scale (since an exact date can never be guaranteed). Something like this would be nice:

Code: Select all

Scandinavia - 100%
Ireland - 60%
Euromir - 42%
France - 25%
Spain - 28%
Current Improvements - 70%
Of course, the percentages would still be a rough estimate based on how much is left to do, but it's better than nothing.

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11 Nov 2013 02:07

yea ur right its better than nothing. Btw Tuppence ur name reminds me of a song from Mary Poppins lol

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11 Nov 2013 22:05

By the time you three are all grown up maybe and then just maybe ProMods may have it done. Untill then you will just have to scratch your itch. ;)

Give ProMods a BREAK and keep your pants on. :)
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12 Nov 2013 12:34

Well, even with rough figures, it's still hard to estimate how much is completed, especially Current Map Improvements, which is an ongoing effort where more and more improvements get added. Plans pop up, plans get adjusted and some plans are even rejected after a while. This projects is ever changing over time. Also, some things are more quickly solved then we thought, while some things (unfortunately a lot) take longer than expected. That's what it makes so hard to make estimates.

So in brief, we just don't know it either. Don't ask us to answer what we don't know ourselves. The only thing we can say is:

"It will be ready when it's ready"

Your daily dose of wisdom!
Don't ask us for a release date; we don't know either.

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12 Nov 2013 13:35

Thank you for the honest answer. I wasn't expecting anything else and to be truthful, I guessed that was the answer I would receive. Not, grow up!

Members, eh? :)

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13 Nov 2013 20:25

You should be careful with the word ETA. In Spain, ETA is a terrorist group that wants the Independence of Basque Country using violence.

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13 Nov 2013 20:31

Asking "when will XXX be ready" is just like asking "how long is a string..."

The answers to which will always be indefinite. :lol:
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13 Nov 2013 20:46

MandelSoft wrote:
"It will be ready when it's ready"

That is a NAM kind of answer Maarten!! You gotta get used to it, no? :D

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13 Nov 2013 22:17

That's the funny thing. By accident ScuL used the same line as the NAM team which is just a happily coincidence.
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