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20 Apr 2015 14:30

You need to change the 'https' to 'http' in the URL. Done it for you.
And nice video btw :)

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01 May 2015 19:00

Happy to be back on the ProMods Map :) I have so much road to cover.
Hauling 18t of cheese from Scotland to Norway this is just a small part of the journey
On route we drive through fort William and loch ness did I spot the monster?
Also we get to hear the bagpipes playing all in a days work for wobbly at WCL WobblyCaptain Logistis.
Fantastic drive a great section of the map I really enjoyed it this is one of the best maps that I have the pleasure to drive on.

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05 May 2015 12:01

"Monnem's Tourbook-Heavy Duty" now on youtube ... 6Sz-3s_t0Q support me please.

-Truck Scania T 730 V8
-Hometown: Mannheim(D)
-Language: German

Thank you!!!

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18 May 2015 17:42

Driving the new Mercedes on the German Autobahn:

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18 May 2015 17:51

Nice vid :D
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19 May 2015 10:07

Great video , fortunaterly for you , you weren't driving in France , truck speed limit is 70/80 km/H depending on the total of truck and trailer weight! ;)
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21 May 2015 15:13

German ProMods Map v1.95 Fan Video

Hey V8 lovers and Virtual drivers,

this my latest FanVideo(Let's show) of the Promods Map v1.95,
complete in german language.
i am new at this forum but more from me comming.
i hope especialy german user like my videos.

your Monnem87
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29 May 2015 23:06

New Fan video
From my hometown Mannheim to Caen
I hope you enjoy it

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29 May 2015 23:38

Remove the s in the http, it will not work.
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03 Jun 2015 10:02

Hey Dudes an follower,

my next Video is up!! This time the tour goes from Caen(F) to Nantes(F).
A Short but spectacualar tour!

"Keep on rollin...dudes!"

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