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02 Jul 2015 22:58

I'm 20 (if this does matter?!)

- Romania
- Hungary
- Serbia
- Slovakia
- Czech Republic
- Poland
- Austria
- Slovenia
- Italy
- Germany
- Denmark
- Sweden
- Netherlands
- Belgium
- Luxemburg
- France
- UK
- Spain
- Portugal
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06 Jul 2015 05:53

I visited these countries
Image Czech Republic
Image Germany
Image Norway
Image Austria
Image Italy
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11 Jul 2015 22:32

Been to:
Image Austria :P Living in Upper Austria
Image Germany, driven through many times, been to Ulm, Trier, Berchtesgaden, Burghausen and more...
Image Luxembourg for one day when I was in Trier
Image Liechtenstein, been to Vaduz for a day
Image Switzerland, driven along the lake of Constance
Image Czech Republic, twice, somewhere in the north (formerly Sudete-Germany) and Prague
Image Spain, Lloret de Mar for one week

Edit: Shame, how could I forget one of my favourite countries:
Image Italy, 4 times, been to: Grado, Lignano, Caorle, Modena, Bologna
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13 Jul 2015 13:09

- Sweden
- Estonia

Not much :D

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23 Aug 2015 22:03

I've been to:

Image Estonia - living in Tallinn
Image Latvia - (2x) one time drove through, other time visited Livu Akvaparks in Jurmala
Image Lithuania (1x) drove through
Image Poland (1x) drove through, stayed overnight near Varssavi
Image Czech Republic (1x) attended 2014 winter festival with choir
Image Russia (1x) concert with choir
Image France (2x) stayed in Irun so went to Hendaye, also just visited Cannes
Image Spain (1x) attended Tolosa Competition with choir
Image Frankfurt, Germany (2x)
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23 Aug 2015 22:19

I am 22. It's rather true that living on an island restricts your movement :lol: I've had this same issue. I always envy people living on the European continent who can just visit another culture by taking a few hours drive.

Image England - Lived here for my entire life, and I've visited most places here.
Image Wales - Quite a few times on day trips.
Image Hungary - I've visited 4 times and spent quite a lot of time there.
Image Slovakia - Just once.
Image Austria - Just once on holiday.

I will, however, soon be taking a holiday to Croatia Image :)

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24 Aug 2015 22:05

i didn't got out of spain

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10 May 2019 14:10

guys, do you like to go other countries and where have you been recently? :D

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10 May 2019 14:20

Do you mean in real life or in ETS2?
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10 May 2019 14:52

I mean real life
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