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Development on version 2.x (Northern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Jul 2015 18:23

Hej allesammans!
Hello everyone!

So today I finally decided to start a development topic for our latest project - Northern Sweden, which I myself will be developing.
My goal is to complete the rest of Sweden not yet present in the game, and unlike the earlier plans there is an additional 3 cities + a couple of smaller towns planned.

Before asking this question, please check my map plan HERE to see what cities and roads I have planned, though as always it's subject to change.

The plan includes 9 cities (altough Karlstad is more part of the Scandinavia merge), 3500km of road (which is a tenth of the map as of 1.9x!), one ferry and an undecided number of smaller towns. So in other words; don't expect it to be completed anytime soon.

And to start it off, here's a shot of the nearly completed Gävle:

Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback.
I will post pictures and progress when there is information to give, so please do not ask for updates. And as always, it's ready when it's ready. ;)
Image ProMods' Sweden plans and progress HERE
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17 Jul 2015 18:36

It looks beautiful! Awesome! Good luck with your project! :D
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17 Jul 2015 18:38

So no bluenorth in ProMods? :cry:

No, jk, seriously looks awesome and good luck with your further development :D
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17 Jul 2015 18:52

Awesome! Scandinavia is growing :D

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17 Jul 2015 18:54

Oioioi!!! I was waiting for this so long! :D It looks great so far. Good luck with it mate!
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17 Jul 2015 19:20

I been in curiosity all the time and was thinking "what project he will make!" :D and finally you shown what you will make ! :D

Good luck!
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17 Jul 2015 19:22

Nice to see the map is expanding northwards again ;)
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17 Jul 2015 19:42

Looking great, Ostpuff! ;)
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17 Jul 2015 19:47


Good news indeed and nice work ;)
Unfortunately, time is still missing for me so no progress actually with Finland :(



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17 Jul 2015 19:52

Love it!
Makes me laugh that no matter how far up north SCS will go, ProMods will go further!

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