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22 Aug 2015 11:08

You can always wake me up for some good lasagna!
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22 Aug 2015 12:38

Me too Mandelsoft! I love pasta in general but lasagna takes the crown!

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22 Aug 2015 13:59

Like other people around the world, I like Pizza...but I like some Russian/Lithuanian food ;)
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22 Aug 2015 14:11

Ostpuff wrote:So much good food to choose from, but I think kebab takes the spot. But a great piece of meat could be just as good... I cannot choose one. :P
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22 Aug 2015 14:35

Pizza, gyros, grilled meat (with a lot of spices!), crêpes and more ;)

Btw, I am probably one of the few persons who liked salmiakki when tasting in for the first time :P unfortunately it is almost impossible to get it here in Czech Republic..

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22 Aug 2015 15:31

Well, i can send you some ;)
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22 Aug 2015 15:37

I'm one of those people who don't eat some foods not because I don't like them, but because my stomach can't stand them. In other words, I like everything!

Obviously as I'm half-Greek and half-Chinese, I do like a lot of food from both countries. And because we lived in Australia and we travel quite a lot, I can have many food cuisines in my own home. So, as my list on what I like would be really long, I thought I'd mention some foods that I can't live without (in random order):

Gyros , bougatsa (traditional sweet from Thessaloniki (they make the best :P ) which looks like a cake), rizogalo (sweet rice - milk pudding), Chinese dumplings, curry (any sort; whether it's Indian, Chinese, Thai or Japanese), sushi, pasta (with any sauce; cream, tomato, pesto etc.), lasagna, anything that has to do with chocolate, black forest cake, all the dim sum dishes, hot pot (a big pot with boiling water surrounded by raw meats and vegetables which get cooked in the pot and then covered by a sauce made of egg and soy sauce), all noodles (any kind from any country) and a lot more! Now I feel like I've forgot something! :x

Also, because I'm interested in food and cooking, I do occasionally cook. Recently for example, I made some pasta (which, because I made the silliest mistake in the history of cooking it turned out to be like soup - pasta), but I do successfully make rizogalo, pancakes and pasta (when I don't have my silly hat on :roll: ). I also bake some cakes, mostly chocolate ones :P . I'm always looking for more recipes as I don't know too many.
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22 Aug 2015 17:00

Dobos cake is the best honestly.
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04 Sep 2015 00:36

My favorite food is Italian food. Especially pizza.

Hamburgers are nice too. Especially ones like this:

(I made this topic because I am hungry right now) :lol:
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04 Sep 2015 06:32

Good old fish and chips, burgers, and Mexican.

I tried Cuban food in Miami and i like it, so organic

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