Development on version 2.x (Southern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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06 Oct 2015 20:02

Now I know that you guys are focusing on Denmark first with the merge, but I also know that Promods used to contain the E16 and in particular the Laerdalstunnelen. Will that be making a return with perhaps some new prefabs (had the old Swiss tube-style tunnel earlier)?
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06 Oct 2015 20:49

We are planning to rebuild it again, but not in 2.0. We simply don't have the time to do that on a short notice, as we have to finish other map parts too...
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07 Oct 2015 18:39

Placing navigation signs in Denmark :)

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07 Oct 2015 19:04

Nice one! Keep up the great work!
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07 Oct 2015 19:19

Very nice mate :)
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07 Oct 2015 19:28

Nice, one question: Will you make Silkeborg, famous for it's bus factory?
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07 Oct 2015 20:08

Very good progress on signs, RacerToft ;)
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10 Oct 2015 11:36

Michael Rosen wrote:Nice, one question: Will you make Silkeborg, famous for it's bus factory?
I think the busfactory is closed now, - or?
In Denmark, Silkeborg is famous for forrest and lakes. Good recreation spot.
Soon they will open a motorway going through Silkeborg. Herning - Silkeborg - Aarhus.

I wonder why SCS puts all thoose cliffs and rocks, in Denmark. We practicly only see hills. Big rocks are rare in Denmark.

I look forward to drive, in my own town, Herning :D

Thanks for all your hard work guys :D

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10 Oct 2015 12:15

I believe Silkeborg was already in Promods as a scenery town, so it would be a shame not to see it reappear.

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10 Oct 2015 12:31

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