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Happy New Year 2014

You can talk about anything here (but respect the rules)
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30 Dec 2013 12:20


I wish you to All, specially to you Nico, my friend,

HEALTHY and HAPPY new year 2014 !!! Most of everything I wish you a lot of health in your lifes, because without of this everything else is not worth anything !! :D :D

I'm happy that you release new map Nico and company , and I hope that will be your players happy with my small work in your map too, specially with 2 new town in England, IKEA near London and IKEA in Austria... and after all, we will se in some next Update connection from France to Portsmouth too, I hope :D !!

Great work Nico and all company which help you around this mod !! I'm happy about everything guys !! Thank you on all this work, that we have so good map !!

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30 Dec 2013 12:31

Yeah happy new year to everyone.

And Alex: I have already added Portsmouth :p Soon I will also add the ikea in the SCS parts of the map :D
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30 Dec 2013 14:32

Happy new year from Orebro, Sweden!

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30 Dec 2013 18:16

Happy new year tomorrow. :)
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31 Dec 2013 12:29

happy new year to all fromm austria
greets scaniadriver

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31 Dec 2013 14:32

happy new year to all

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31 Dec 2013 15:08

Happy new year to the whole ProMods team, and all the forum members.

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31 Dec 2013 15:39

Happu new year to Promods community! Promods crew has made us good map, so lets be thankful of that, and keep up the good work ppl!

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31 Dec 2013 16:25

Happy New Year from Bad Nieuweschans Holland

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31 Dec 2013 19:43

Happy New Year to all of the community

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