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New ATS Gameplay Released

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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06 Jan 2016 21:33

Hello ,

in this video It will show you the game right from the beginning when adding a new profile,
and the first 3 trips. will go through settings in game to show it.

watch here

source : Flemming, SCS forum
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06 Jan 2016 21:40

Link isn't working for me :(

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06 Jan 2016 21:46

edited, should work hopefully

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06 Jan 2016 21:59

Still the same, video is private

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07 Jan 2016 12:21

apparently the video is taken down by the uploader

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07 Jan 2016 16:24

You can check this one out:


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07 Jan 2016 18:16

I didn't know that Nevada will be included too oO
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07 Jan 2016 22:10

That was an amazing video! I can't wait to drive in California and Nevada and the hype is real.

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08 Jan 2016 16:46

Thr smaller roads are very nice but the big interstate highways need some better signage ad well as more lanes in some areas.
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08 Jan 2016 17:48

SCS when will you learn!! Interstate highways don't have at grade crossings!! Why is there one in Prim??

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