[TUTORIAL] How to make a truck appears in its own slot

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19 Feb 2016 23:27

Ohh yeah, my mistake toffee was talking about "truck_company". My eyes were not open earlier.

Like juizzysquirt said "truck_company" is about quick jobs, and you shouldn't edit anything inside. Personnaly i don't understand yet why some trucks are working well in quick jobs and some not at all with a proper and error free sii file.

Yes you can do about everything, personnaly i think i'll do something to have only one slot per original truck (one TGX E5, one Hiway, one premium etc...).

Strange you have a CTD with the K100 by henki... I have an earlier version (1.2) and everything is fine.

And yes like i said, some truck still not compatible together, because modders can't do the job correctly. Once, i had downloaded three trucks sharing the same names in def and model folders :shock: :mrgreen:

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20 Feb 2016 18:18

Is it a problem when two different trucks refer to same accessories in games internal namespace, do they "clash"? I tried to make "custom 351" compatible with original Jawa/Stas556's 351 by adding "custom"-word where accessories are assigned (as you instructed), but it didn't resolve anything. For example, in:

Code: Select all

vehicle_accessory : .351.chassis {
 wear: 0
 data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.351/chassis/6x4c.sii"
I've renamed it to "vehicle_accessory : .351custom.chassis". Should I rename the paths too? Though I've seen some trucks with "_nameless.yyy.yyy"-style and they seem to work fine without editing... And now that I have chance with experts here, I might ask what the "wear: " means with every part, it's always 0 as far as I can tell? :?

Speaking of nonsensical design, this truck doesn't offer daycab in cab-selection, but in a messy way of choosing interior/chassis-combo... :roll:
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20 Feb 2016 22:31

It's a lot more work to do than just create a new slot :D And to be honest, it's starting to be for advanced users. Not realy its place here.

The two trucks share the same name for def folders, you need to edit allmost everything in "def/vehicle/truck" files. After that, you need to edit the pathes in "truck_dealer/brand" according to what you did in the previous step. And maybe edit the sound files too.

Did you check if the 351 by jawa and the custom one share same name for models files ? "truck_mod/vehicle/truck". If yes, you need an hex editor, or the knowledge in 3d software (that i have not) to edit one of it.

Edit: i've just remember RTA locks the model files, so maybe you can't check.


Now what about "truck_dealer/brand" sii file.

I advised to change the _nameless.yyyy.xxx because it was the previous version of how those files were. Let's imagine two modders have been taken the same slot of this "_nameless" version (not easy to take notice of it), and you don't rename at least one of it. Two trucks will have the same accessories names, and you'll have a CTD in the dealer. It's just a kind of prevention.

Concerning "wear: 0" i don't know what it supposes to be, i've never tried to change this value cause originals trucks have "wear: 0".

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22 Nov 2016 10:46

Dear Roudou, I know this is a very old post, I found it while I was trying to find how to rename a truck as it appears wrongly both in dealer slot and my garage after purchasing it (still did not find a solution). so comparing with your tutorial I have to say that I use notepad+ which is far way better than Windows notepad/wordpad. to rename all accessories, mandatory action indeed otherwise game crashes, I use ctrl+H, find and replace everything with one click.
only sii file to modify is in def/vehicle/truck dealer. some are using also an additional folder truck dealer_uk which I delete :lol:
this being said I am using successfully around 60 additional trucks. indeed a few are not compatible together, however the solution is simple, I deactivate those that are in conflict and even if I have bought them, when reactivated I have them back and with the upgrades too. while deactivated game replaces these with a default Scania T
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24 May 2018 00:11


There has been an increase in the number of people who have had trouble with the plugin I recently created. If someone knows, can they subscribe and browse? Model etc. files are ok but not visible in the dealer. Here is the mod link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =648967076

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