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09 Apr 2016 23:53

About Los Angeles, I think it needs to be improved in various key areas and possibly over 50% of the map needs custom interchanges. For San Francisco though, I think bringing in Lombard street (that street with the tight hairpins) would be a excellent challenge for maneuverability and knowing what is going on at all times.

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10 Apr 2016 10:07

I think you won't fit Lombard street in this scale. Cities have to include spots available for trucks - there must be a reason to drive there.
That's not GTA ;)
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12 Apr 2016 20:07

Trucks are prohibited on Lombard Street, so it would need to be a scenery item, and there are so many more interesting things to mod.

I'd say Mexico is low on SCI list of places to build DLC out of, so a NAFTA mod might be fun! VIVA So much varied terrain, rough and nice roads... Bus modders could have fun too...

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13 Apr 2016 00:08

Lombard street. Lmao you cant drive a truck down there.

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13 Apr 2016 02:16

Our mini-van barely fits on those curves, good luck with your truck! :mrgreen:
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13 Apr 2016 07:04

I'd sure like to see the parts of US Route 66 that exist in certain towns be represented. Especially in Arizona where it passes through Oatman, that would be neat of course no need to make Oatman a town to deliver to though just traveling it would be cool. Not sure we would see the route through every town such as Seligman, Williams, Winslow, or Holbrook. though if you were ever to edit Flagstaff I know just were it travels as I live only a block or two from the road, its the main artery through town here right past the industry in town, and exits back to I-40 on either side toward LA or Albuquerque. Cities it passes through in NM, Gallup, Grants, and Albuquerque. out toward Tucumcari on the NM border with Texas. Fortunately for the devs most of it follows the same route as I-40. If nothing else at least add the signs to the towns it passes and to I-40 where it joins the freeway.

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17 Apr 2016 03:53

Im just saying Lombard street cause I used to drive tanker trucks in GTA San Andreas down that road. Lots of fun but lost the trailer halfway through. Srry for being a noob-head.

Speaking of Route 66, Radiator Springs just for fun anyone?

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17 Apr 2016 08:06

I'd love to have it. :lol:
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18 Apr 2016 01:52

Was there any confirmation of keeping the game on the 1:34.5 scale or will it be reworked to 1:19? I feel like the wide-open feeling would be lost on the 1:34.5 scale
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22 Apr 2016 02:20

The best for me If would be the world map for ETS2/ATS :D . I think about each continent. :D It would be amazing. You can drive around the world. :)

Because the best in this game is exploring the world and different style out of Europe and America could be really really good. :D'

as first close europe map then n. america. but please after this 2 continents maybe you can do for example Asia (it's amazing continent and we can conect it with the Europe map. :D

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