Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

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30 Mar 2016 11:28

The extension of the M62 eastbound towards Hull, where it should join the A63. That region is particularly flat, with nothing much more than farmers fields, so should be a relatively quick fix. It would be nice to extend the M18 northwards towards the M62 at Goole too. And finally completing the A1 northwards where it M1 joins it would complete that area nicely. A lot to fit in a small area, but I think its doable.

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30 Mar 2016 11:31

Flat lands are more work then you think ;)
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30 Mar 2016 12:31

Excellent news! Would be nice to see Bradford/Leeds in the mix, just off the M62.

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30 Mar 2016 13:28

RobboKTM wrote:Ok, so will add some ideas.

1. Currently the M62 ends and joins the M6 before Liverpool, this is way out of sync and needs redoing so that the M62 Terminates in Liverpool Actual, not 20 Miles outside of it.

2. This one may be a bit hard to implement because of space limitations but the orbital motorway around Manchester (M60) Could possibly be added. I understand if this one would be impossible to add in because of space.

3. Possibility of Preston being added as a city. Preston is just off the M6 and has good industrial areas and thus would make a good addition to the game if added.

Well here is a few (For now). I will add more eventually.
Preston is a great idea, especially when it was the first motorway to be ever constructed in UK; that fact alone should be celebrated. There is probably a small space for a small junction there, and a small industrial area, but I wouldn't count Preston as a priority.

What I'd count as a major priority to the entire British Isles project at a later stage is Liverpool-Manchester area. It needs a considerable, careful and well-planned out rebuild, but I imagine that is miles away in terms of development time. The M60 is a must in my opinion. It would be nice to have the full M60 in a smaller scale obviously, and very very short M602 link to Salford, where all the industrial sites are. In the distance, Manchester skyline could pop up and be inaccessible, like in most vanilla cities. M60 is also vital as M62 passes there between Liverpool and Leeds.

To create some space, Liverpool could be pushed into the sea a tiny bit (lol, the sound of that; this coming from someone who works in Manchester :lol: ) on the map, and I think more could be fit that way.

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30 Mar 2016 15:52

Great news !!! :D Having my company based in Scotland, I'm really looking forward these UK & Ireland updates ! Will the M20 rebuild include a Eurotunnel-Folkestone rebuild as well ? It would be really good to have things more real in the Kent area. :mrgreen: Is a Dartford crossing rebuild planned as well soon ?

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30 Mar 2016 22:05

Very nice!

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31 Mar 2016 03:50

Splendid news! Keep up the excellent work.

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31 Mar 2016 14:43

For the southerly area for the UK, i've got some great ideas that would be awesome to implement if possible.

1. A34 dual-carriage way coming from Southampton, heading north linking to the M40 Motorway. The M40 starts on the M25 at Wembly area. It heads North West up to South East of Birmingham, which eventually turns into the M42, which continues for 40 miles. The M42 finally links up to the M5 at Bromsgrove.

2. On the A34 there is a town called "Didcot". That town is a major national distribution hub for many firms including Tesco, Bookers, Asda etc...

3. Adding cities along the M4. This motorway in the stock SCS map is left bare. You could well consider including Bath, Swindon, Reading etc

Moving slightly away from the South, however not too far away:

4. In South Wales you could include Newport (which houses lots of big distribution centers), also Bridgend which has quite a few firms hauling for lots of different companies around the UK.

Any more suggestions you want/need please feel free to PM me for my email address, i'm massively wanting to help with this project as much as I can.

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31 Mar 2016 23:55

Don't be crazy. Newport and Bridgend are too close to Cardiff. I would much rather see a rebuilt Cardiff. Cardiff is one of the best cities in the UK and can compete with many european ciries and SCS made it horrible.

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01 Apr 2016 18:03

I sincerely hope that North Wales, my favourite part of the UK, is done the justice SCS never did. The A55, especially the Pen-Y-Clip tunnel and Britannia Bridge would be great, whats more you could make the A5 from Holyhead to London, that would be a good opportunity for some great views.
On a side note, if you want any road sign destinations/route numbers doing then I am happy to lend my assistance :)

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