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12 Aug 2019 04:22

Then, what about Korean Alphabet(Hangul)? The South Korean Map(NOT South Korean Adventure Map) using Hangul was released three years ago. (Now this is not compatible with 1.35...)
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19 Aug 2019 19:16

Exotic character ranges like that will most likely only work with image sets. Although a font set could be created with a lot of work. It's not possible for Arabic/Hebrew because the engine has no support for RTL (right-to-left) languages
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19 Aug 2019 22:36

Well, Korean, Chinese and Japanese are supported languages, and therefore, their character sets are supported as well. Arabic and Hebrew are not supported. So, theoretically, these languages shouldn't be a problem...

Having a sign font with these characters is another question; all sign fonts that are currently available only cover limited ranges, none including the aforementioned languages.
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