How to downgrade ETS2 via Steam?

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Robert Fahrnünftig
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12 Apr 2016 18:43


yesterday I had to upgrade to the newest version 1.23 public Beta. I can't start the game, cause it is instandly crashing. Some people here said, we have to downgrade, but how? I tried via Steam, and ETS2 said "these accounts are not compatible with the current game version. Please upgrade..."

Thank you !


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13 Apr 2016 06:36

Did you already ran the profile on version 1.23? That may be the case, it's sometimes isn't possible to downgrade a profile which has already run on a higher version of ETS2.
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13 Apr 2016 06:47

look in the euro truck 2 folder under documents, you find there is *edit should be. a profile backup from 1.22, verify its there, then move your current profiles from the profiles folder and put the contents of the 1.22 backup there, that worked for me, i also made a verify local content from steam with the 1.22 compatibility mode enabled, maybe that also did something

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13 Apr 2016 18:07

Open Steam > Libary > ETS2 > Right click > Properties > Betas > choose: temporary_1_22 - 1.22.x for incompatible mods

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07 Sep 2016 13:11

Thank you very much for this. Steam updated to 1.25.1 and broke my promods and now my promods works again.
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07 Sep 2016 17:55

hefe, danke schon.

Used your workaround as well after steam updated to 1.25.

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07 Sep 2016 19:00

hefe wrote:Open Steam > Libary > ETS2 > Right click > Properties > Betas > choose: temporary_1_22 - 1.22.x for incompatible mods
Thanks, I also used this. Now waiting for the 2.11 update!!

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09 Sep 2016 16:57

Thanks for that.
I wondered what had happen!

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01 Dec 2016 17:21

Now the promods works with ets2 1.25 but not with 1.26.

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02 Dec 2016 10:03

That is correct as there is no 1.26 compatible version yet.

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