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game crashes different places ets1.24 latest promods

For problems that are not caused by ProMods
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20 Aug 2016 20:25

my ets2 1.24 with the latest promods crashes at random places, when i restart the game is working normal but crashes at another place after p.m 20-30 minutes and sometimes it doesnt crash at all
can someone see what is going wrong? i think there is a mod that crashes, i removed some, and updated some but it doesnt solve the problem
is can see at lot of errors in the gamelog, bit i dont have any knowledge of it :oops:


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20 Aug 2016 22:51

I would only suggest you to disable all mods and enable the Promods files only and in the correct order (see readme text in the download) .
Play a bit and check the game log again for "error" lines.
After that you can enable the mods that generate at worst only "warning" messages one by one but it's better to search for the latest updates.

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20 Aug 2016 23:41

You have quite a few other mods generating problems
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21 Aug 2016 14:17

problemo solved thanks

the brazilian cheareau trailer pack colides with the truck traffic from jazzycat, i removed the truck traffic pack and know its running fine

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