The log file exceeded its limit size, truncated...

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16 Apr 2018 19:08

In folkstone UK and ostersund Sweden , anybody have a same problem..? how to fix it..?

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16 Apr 2018 19:13


what exactly is your problem?

If you have issues, we need your complete game.log.

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16 Apr 2018 20:17

Probably many mods that causing errors and warnings. For me my log file never exceeds 200 kb.
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16 Apr 2018 20:32

If the log file exceeds the size you have so many errors that the log grows abnormally big. You can avoid this by setting the log unlimited option in the command line
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18 Oct 2018 17:22

How do you do that?
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18 Oct 2018 17:43

@etspiripære, setting the "-unlimitedlog" option in your game's Launch Options will prevent the game from limiting your game.log to about 1.5MB.
If you are using Steam, here is a guide for Setting Game Launch Options.
If you use the Retail version of the game then you can set the option at the end of the Target field of your game's shortcut properties.

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