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23 May 2018 13:41

Hi, which weather mods are compatible with ProMods 2.27?

I currently have Euro Truck Simulator 2 V1.31.2.2s and I have noticed that the New Summer Environment V2.6 mod by Grimes does not work with ProMods 2.27 or Euro Truck Simulator 2 V1.31.2.2s.

Is there an alternative weather mod like the New Summer Environment V2.6 mod by Grimes?

A mod that brings summer sunny weather to the game?

Does anyone have any idea when Grimes will be updating the New Summer Environment mod?

Also are there any cars that work with ProMods 2.27 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 V1.31.2.2s that have working windscreen wipers?

I found a BMW M5 Touring but the windscreen wipers do not work for the car, even though it has them.

Any help would be appreciated.


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13 Jun 2018 16:53

I used Spring Enviroment by Grimes. It is a perfect one for spring. But It didn't changed much so I changed to Piva's weather mod and Project Next Gen as my graphics mod :D They both look pretty realistic but sometimes I've big lag (3-5 fps) but they look pretty good
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13 Jun 2018 17:27

I'm not sure if it's something for high-end PC's but I like to use Piva's weather mod (I'm playing on low settings that's why I'm not sure about high end PC's)
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