[MAP BUG] Road M35, Hungary

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13 Jul 2018 18:42

@clutch, please review the procedure for How to report a bug:
  • Bugs should be reported in the Bug reports subforum
  • Your thread title should include the ProMods version
  • Your thread title and post should describe the problem ("Map bug" tells us nothing)
  • You should include coordinates in text form, so that we can copy/paste them, like this: (sec+0010+0004);40990.6;59.9929;16672.5;-0.975639;-0.0418631
I'm not sure if your third picture is showing a problem, or just showing the location.

I have examined the area in the ProMods map, I can find nothing that would make the AI traffic drive the wrong way on that stretch of road. Therefore you must be experiencing a mod conflict, this is not a ProMods problem. In the future please test your problems using a game profile which has only ProMods before reporting bugs.

P.S. There are a number of errors in your game.log which suggest missing or out-of-date mods.

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