[REQ] RusMap 1.33 English City Name Patch

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10 Dec 2018 14:38

RusMap 1.8.1 city name is written Russian Kirill letters so I can't read RusMap city name. So.. Is there anybody who can make RusMap 1.33 English City Name Patch?
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10 Dec 2018 20:01

There is currently this problem. It will be unfortunately necessary to wait until the official version of Rusmap for ets2 1.33 to have the locals languages of city names ​​and solve this problem.

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10 Dec 2018 21:01

you can try this one: https://sharemods.com/l0dtwkkvc4tv/Rudi ... 2.zip.html
works with ProMods and SCS default map incl new Baltic DLC, and i added also the Citys from the RusMap. but at RusMap i have not tested it yet myself, but i guess it will work.
it can be that some of the new Russian Citys are missing.

disable in the game settings localized city and country names, and place the mod above the map mods.
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