Changing the map scale for a standalone project

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26 Dec 2018 01:58

I've been recently playing around and learning the ETS2 map editor. I've been thinking of the idea of starting a standalone map project with some cities, roads and lots of countryside but one thing. I dont want it to have the 1:19 scale, I want to tone it down to add more realism, longer days and longer duration between the cities etc.

How do you actually do that? I've changed it in the map settings but it doesn't stay to the number I've changed it to. Nothing online seems to help, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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26 Dec 2018 07:30

In the Editor under Settings (I think) change the time scale to your values. Hit OK, save and reload the map.

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27 Dec 2018 01:44

What would be the values?

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27 Dec 2018 14:06

Well, the default scale is 1:19. It says 19 there, so change to what you want.
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27 Dec 2018 19:32

You need to create your own background for the map in the desired scale. You can also create a standalone map. To do this, you need: Take the file editor_data.sii (there are settings for the background as well as some other settings) it is in the unpacked def file. scs, there is also a base.scs file, which also needs to be unpacked. All this is on the way: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 (default path)
So, take the file editor_data.sii and find the lines: bcg_map_name []: "/ map / (name of your map) .mbd" (For an offline map)
save, put this file in the def.scs file that you created to create your map. Then go to the unpacked database of the game in the following way: C: \ Users \ 1 \ Desktop \ base 1.33 \ material \ editor find the file: open it (I do this using the Paint.NET program) and replace it with the one you need map of the area, with the same resolution which by default, then save in dds format.
 After that we put your file in your model.scs folder along the same path, that is: material \ editor. In principle, everything ... To run the editor in offline mode, you need to enter the command: edit (map name) instead of edit europe
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