Rus Map crashes on load screen

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14 Jan 2019 01:10

Hello i have recently downloaded the Rus map v1.8.1 i have downloaded the def file from promods clicking for the rus map followed this instruction on which order they should be placed but when i load up the game to play on my old profile and a Brand new profile the bar goes about half way across and the game crashes i have validated the ets2 files on steam and everything was fine.
how i install rus map was from the download
PM227_RM_v131_roadconnection, Rusmap Package, Rusmap Model 2 Package, Rusmap Model Package,Promods Definition Package, Promods Map Package, Promods media Package, Promods Models package 3,2,1, Promods assets Package Rusmap Def Package. here is a link to pastebin with the log text

I'm sure its something i have done or not done any help be gratefully received

many thanks

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14 Jan 2019 08:31


you are missing the legacy fix:

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