Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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15 Jan 2023 07:08

The last i saw was progress towards Revelstoke, a little bit further down the line and it would be Banff, Alberta. I do believe there are still lots to do even in BC alone, so i am quite curious as to how this will progress.

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17 Jan 2023 13:35

Looking awesome....but as a Canadian I need to see way more Tom Hortons locations, up here we have them everywhere and they are a staple of every community. It's not a true representation of Canada without at one Tim Hortons in every town.

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28 Feb 2023 07:52

After some time discovering Texas, I was back to BC yesterday evening. Thank you guys for the amazing work you have done already! The all around feel of driving there is definitely top-notch even compared to the newest SCS additions.

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08 Mar 2023 21:13

Good evening!
As you might know I am not a man of big words so here is a current status update.

I decided to give Lillooet a little rework to bring it up to current standards ;)

And here is a small teaser what is coming too in future!

Best regards from Austria,

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10 Mar 2023 20:19

Looks good.
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11 Mar 2023 23:11

Those mountain ranges look really impressive, excited to see Canada expanding.

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16 Mar 2023 15:09

Both, Lillooet and the future teaser looking pretty good!! 8-)

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12 Apr 2023 09:34

It's really great to see the advancement of Canada while few developers are working on this project

respect to you DEV ATS.
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17 Apr 2023 05:02

This is so fun to look at growing up in Maple Ridge in the lower mainland my wife and i moved up to lillooet ta few years ago love seeing all the development and growth with this mod

Keep it up! DEVS!

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05 Aug 2023 21:27

1.48 any additional content or just compatibility update?

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