[Resolved] Game crashes pls help

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14 Jun 2019 19:45

Hello. so i downloaded promods first time. i have all dlc's. i have tested files on winrar like there says on help guide. i have downloaded mod 2 times. i tried it without other mods and i tried it with new profile still freezes at like 60% when downloading save game.

Thanks if you reply and have a nice weekend everyone! :mrgreen:
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14 Jun 2019 19:48

You didn't waited long enough, that is no crash. First load can take a little while(up to 30 minutes)
And I would suggest running the game in Dx9 insteaad of OpenGL on Windows, since the game runs much better in Dx9 than in OpenGL
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oh i just tried it, usually i just click on play so im not choosing but yea need to try dx9 and that your link. thx.

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yea before your help when i waited it just closed the game without giving error and in that game log that i gave i didnt wait and closed it xd
but its working now! thanks very much! +
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14 Jun 2019 22:44

Happy trucking!
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