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06 Aug 2019 22:41

This is just a resource for modmakers. It is NOT a mod and NOT useful for any other purpose. If you are not a modmaker this post is not relevant to you.


The new Middle-East add-on has included a new UI map (a.k.a. the "job market map", "GPS map" or "world map"). The consequence is, current mods that change this map (such as the popular "Satellite background map" mods) will stop working properly.

If you are a creator of such a mod, we have publicly released our map textures for the UI map included in the middle-east add-on. You can use these textures as a basis to make or update your own textures for your mod.

Textures for UI map included with Middle East add-on v2.50: ... rjX_YgB0NU

Textures for UI map included with Middle East add-on v2.46: ... sp=sharing
Textures for UI map included with Middle East add-on v2.41: ...

A disclaimer about the future: the UI map may be further modified in future versions of ProMods. A download link for the new version will be added here.
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30 May 2020 22:04

Due to the changes in 2.46 we have a new updated version of the Middle East background map. Again a reminder this is NOT a mod and NOT useful for any other purpose. This post is only relavent for mod makers.

The link has been updated in the post above but I will put it here too: ... sp=sharing

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30 May 2020 23:03

When will PMME be relocated to it`s correct possition? It's now swimming in the sea. PM is the only map working with a offscale mapprojection, after the last relocation of PMME it only has become worse.

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30 May 2020 23:30


Since Promods 2.46, Mid-East is now relocated to it's correct position and will not be moved anymore.
If you have it swimming it the sea, it's because you still use an incompatible background map mod.
The purpose of Plum's post just before is to provide map makers the needed material to make their work compatible.


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04 Sep 2020 19:50

Files are now updated to Version 2.50!
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