Promods crash, failing to load ai. without other mods.

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12 Aug 2019 15:00

Code: Select all

00:13:59.889 : goto pafos
00:13:59.913 : Forcing sector data!
00:13:59.913 : Sector force started.
00:14:00.863 : Sector force finished.
00:14:01.278 : [actor] Teleported from [-20580.2;27.7;-9040.0] to [98930.7;51.0;83415.3]
00:14:01.468 : [actor] Teleported from [98930.7;51.0;83415.3] to [98930.7;51.0;83415.3]
00:14:01.531 : [actor] Teleported from [98930.7;51.0;83415.3] to [98930.7;51.0;83415.3]
00:14:49.376 : Camera speed: 86.74
00:14:49.426 : Camera speed: 108.42
00:14:49.459 : Camera speed: 135.52
00:14:55.792 : Camera speed: 169.41
00:14:55.809 : Camera speed: 211.76
00:14:55.842 : Camera speed: 264.70
00:14:56.743 : Camera speed: 330.87
00:14:56.793 : Camera speed: 413.59
00:14:56.858 : Camera speed: 516.99
00:14:59.509 : <ERROR> [resource_task] Can not load '/model/vehicle/jaguar.pmd'.
00:14:59.557 : <ERROR> [model] Model descriptor '/model/vehicle/jaguar.pmd' is malformed.
00:14:59.558 : <ERROR> [resource_task] Can not load '/model/vehicle/jaguar.pmg'.
00:14:59.591 : <ERROR> [model] Model geometry '/model/vehicle/jaguar.pmg' is malformed.
00:14:59.591 : <ERROR> [ld] Failed to read '/model/vehicle/jaguar.pmd'.
00:14:59.591 : <ERROR> model_template.cpp(590): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for '/model/vehicle/jaguar.pmg'.

I hop you all have enough with this, but its trying to load an non loadable ai vehicle.
i have this problem alot, but the only mods i have activated are promods itself,middle east addon and a volvo fm mod that im sure works correctly.
Hope you can help me out!
if needed ill post my gamelogs in parts.

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12 Aug 2019 15:36

Please provide the complete game log.
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12 Aug 2019 21:46

Code: Select all
i hope i did it correctly, i have played in the meantime, so this is another gamelog of the same problem.

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13 Aug 2019 00:36

robertthetrucker wrote:
12 Aug 2019 15:00
... but the only mods i have activated are promods itself,middle east addon and a volvo fm mod that im sure works correctly.
I see 4 mods besides ProMods activated in your game profile:

Code: Select all

00:00:27.003 : [zipfs] Mounted, 2212 entries [0xb19c168a]
00:00:27.003 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Volvo FM" has been mounted. (package_name: Volvo_FM_1.7, version: 1.7, source: User mods)
00:00:27.024 : [zipfs] tuned_truck_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac_v1.4.scs: Mounted, 416 entries [0x44d70e8f]
00:00:27.024 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "Tuned Truck Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v1.4" has been mounted. (package_name: tuned_truck_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac_v1.4, version: 1.4, source: User mods)
00:00:27.083 : [zipfs] TZ_tuningcars_traffic(1.35.x).scs: Mounted, 923 entries [0xce305fe4]
00:00:27.083 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "TZ express - ai tuning cars" has been mounted. (package_name: TZ_tuningcars_traffic(1.35.x), version: 1.35.x, source: User mods)
00:00:28.301 : [zipfs] C:/Users/onc11/OneDrive/Documenten/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/ai_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v10.7.scs:
00:00:28.301 : [zipfs] ai_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v10.7.scs: Mounted, 19865 entries [0x2869b54f]
00:00:28.301 : [mod_package_manager] Mod "AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v10.7" has been mounted. (package_name: ai_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v10.7, version: 10.7, source: User mods)
These error lines suggest some things are not being loaded correctly due to conflicts:

Code: Select all

00:00:28.997 : <ERROR> [unit] File '<C:/Users/onc11/OneDrive/Documenten/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/TZ_tuningcars_traffic(1.35.x).scs | >/def/vehicle/ai/lexus_is300.sii', line 2:
00:00:28.997 : <ERROR> Included at '<C:/Users/onc11/OneDrive/Documenten/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/TZ_tuningcars_traffic(1.35.x).scs | >/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_car.tze.sii', line 10:
00:00:28.997 : <ERROR> [unit] The unit name 'traffic.lexus_is300' is already taken by an existing unit (of type 'traffic_vehicle').
00:00:28.997 : <ERROR> load_filtered_unit_array() - Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_car.tze.sii)
00:00:28.997 : <ERROR> [traffic_vehicle_type] Unable to load vehicle storage from '/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_car.sii'!
And you are not using the recommended load order for combining ProMods 2.41 with ProMods Middle-East 2.41. Please see this: [GUIDE] Load order for recommended compatible maps [1.35]

However, I believe the final crash signatures suggest that one of your ProMods files is truncated, specifically "promods-model2-v241.scs". Please compare the sizes of the files in your mod folder with the sizes in this image:

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21 Sep 2019 18:22

i guess it is model 2 file, it is 1.107.968 kb big here, so im gonna try that. but it wasnt the traffic mod, i tried without and it was still crashing, thx for trying to help me

Added in 3 minutes 38 seconds:
omg i tried it, you are a genious!!! it worked , im so happy thank you!

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