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06 Sep 2019 04:00

Hi all :)

Im looking for mod with invisible trailer or passenger trailer so I can do a job with a bus. Compatible with ETS2 1.35 or 1.34. Anyone? :cry:

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19 Sep 2019 03:48

u still looking for this

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28 Sep 2019 10:02

Yeah I am
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11 Oct 2019 03:07

Sorry for late reply sending

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21 Dec 2019 17:41

So, any invisible trailer mod?

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26 Dec 2019 01:40

I think no one here or on the official SCS Software forum will touch that request.
First of all it is a pointless thing to do, secondly this will most likely get used to grief people on TMP.
No self respecting modder would want to attach their name to this request.
It may also be a a wise decision not to ask this question, it's a wonder you have not been banned yet as it's a really risky topic.
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05 Jan 2020 17:07

I'm not sure if making an invisible trailer would be easy or practical. It would be more complex than taking a standard trailer and giving it 'invisible' textures as I'm pretty sure it would just appear white/black in-game. What you could do (maybe) is make a trailer model that is just a connector to a fifth wheel or towbar. Though how that would work I don't know. In a more practical sense, how are you going to find this trailer to attach it to your truck/bus?

But it is an interesting question to ask.
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24 Jan 2020 16:59

there is an invisible trailer by Capital
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25 Jan 2020 12:08

this one is for ats...but flemmings edition work also very good.ok - you have to activate those trailers too i guess but its not a must use

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