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01 Oct 2019 16:37

Hello all truckers,
as the title says, I wonder if there is a mod where you randomly and suddenly find deers, cats, chickens etc crossing your road, making the journey more dangerous. It could be funny, maybe someone is working on it? :D

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03 Oct 2019 12:47

There are no such mods out there AFAIK. If you have Washington DLC in ATS you can see animals on the side of the road running away into the woods. Also, on Hungary map there are some rabbits crossing the road but they are just moving objects, you can't interact with them.

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04 Oct 2019 09:53

I saw a rabbit or hare run across the road in front of me a few times on the Hungary stand alone map.
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27 Oct 2019 23:13

I think at the old Vanillamap this happened.from time to time that a rabbit crosses a rural road. But as written above me, it was only a moving object.. It was not possible to crash at it.
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