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26 Sep 2019 17:17

It came a new Version of ETS2 out and i would ask if i have to download promods again
which Needs very long

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26 Sep 2019 17:25

No, there's no need to download anything, it still works.
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29 Sep 2019 01:27

arkadsalar rarı ındırdım dosya hatası verıyor guncellemı oluyor ınternetı aradım sorun yok dıyor wınrar en son guncellesını de yukledım olmadı yardımcı olurmusun

RAR file error brought friends thinner giving updates Internet is no problem, I called the DIYer WinRAR I also install the latest update did not help olurmusun
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29 Sep 2019 07:59

TR:Öncelikle buraya ingilizce yazman lazım. Ortak dil olduğu için. Forumda türkçe bölümü var oraya da yazabilirsin.

7zip indir

EN:First of all, you should write in English. It's common language. There is Turkish section in this forum. You can write there.

download 7 zip

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02 Oct 2019 13:43

Hello guys, tell me what happening, because when i try to download some files they downloading in winrar files, but it says 7z and all files been corrupted and also some files downloads in picture or word mode, cant understand why. Help me if you know something with this issue.

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05 Oct 2019 10:51


I have a problem downloading Promods.
I keep getting an error message: Sorry! Access Denied Connection limit exceeded. I've already downloaded 4 parts and I just cant get it to download the 5th. I've tried using Chrome and Edge, I've disabled Antivirus I'm not on a public network...
I know its not a bug, but I don't know where else to put it. I wish I could just pay 1€ and get it the easy way.

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07 Oct 2019 05:04

Do you have any applications installed that would pre-open the file before downloading? Maybe a firewall?
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12 Oct 2019 22:20

Hello, I downloaded all the files that I got told by the tutorial to download.
The 001 file is the only file that appears to be a WinRAR file and not a .scs.
Even if I extract the WinRAR file, the tester still claims that I miss the 001 file.

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12 Oct 2019 22:24

It shouldn't matter if it's assigned to WinRAR or not. Just download all 7 files and extract the first one.
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16 Oct 2019 00:35

Okay, not too constructive criticism incoming.

I honestly haven't seen more retarded method of software distribution since the 90's. Also, the business model of paying for the download itself is from the stone age. Jesus Christ, i'd rather just pay $20 for a normal license than go through this clusterfk-fingerprintAndShoeSizeRequired-OhNoFileCorrupted labyrinth of paranoid programmer's dream.
Seriously, if that works for you guys long-term, i'm amazed. You should create a cult.

I was interested in driving around more countries in ETS2, but the experience on this site made me want to quit this idea forever. See ya.
BTW, i wonder how much work the mod has because of the clandestine way you do business (hang in there, man, it will get better eventually).

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