Should I wait to install Promods?

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13 Oct 2019 01:22

Hi all!

I've just started ETS2 and have gotten all of the in game map DLCs, all ready to install Promods, but I noticed that v1.36 of ETS2 is on the horizon.

From what I gather, these major updates stop Promods working for a week or two until Promods is updated as well, is that correct? If so, would I be better off waiting to install until 1.36 comes out and Promods is updated?

Ì just don't want to play with better maps for a week, then have to lose them for a while!

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments.

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13 Oct 2019 02:02

Hi big film guy I would say install promods now that way you can use it in 1.35 because its so amazing but make two profiles one for promods and one 1.36 beta as the names. Hopefully the promods team are getting close to releasing 2.42 which will work with TMP. i think you can roll bk via steam if you do try the beta but WOT wont work

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13 Oct 2019 06:27

There is never any solid reason to play without ProMods ;)

If the game updates to 1.36 you can simply roll back to 1.35 in the Steam properties.
If you insist on playing open beta versions, then be aware that we do not support them.
Compatibility can take between 4-8 weeks depending on the level of changes SCS make to the game engine and map format.

We are also currently puzzled because 1.36 was scheduled for late September (which would have allowed us to release 2.42 on 1.36 format), but they are having issues and are delaying the release for an unknown time so we may release 2.42 on 1.35 for those who can't wait to play MP and keep our promise of a mid-October delivery, and then release a new version for 1.36 when it's finally out.
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13 Oct 2019 12:42

Thanks for the responses, they are most appreciated. I've just installed Promods and my first reaction is "Wow, what a great looking map!" Thanks for the awesome mod!

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