Multyplayer cant find mods

Post here if you are having problems with ProMods in Multiplayer
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10 Nov 2019 22:07

Quick question I've got everything downloaded and I can get Pro Mods to open and play in singleplayer but when I try to go into a Pro Mods online server it says it cant find mods in my mods folder and will not let me open

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10 Nov 2019 22:41

@Merk1453, can you show us a screenshot of the ProMods files in your mod folder? Be sure to show the file extensions too.

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11 Nov 2019 00:19

2019-11-10.png (54.43 KiB) Viewed 161 times
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Wow after three days I got it to work. I had a 1 at the end of my DEF file. I removed it and it works fine

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11 Nov 2019 02:08

yep that would do it because the TMP client will not be able to find it.

also the mod manager does not work in MP
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12 Nov 2019 10:06

To be crystal clear, the Mod Manager is disabled in TruckersMP on purpose as we do not support them. However, our client can load its own mods (and now also ProMods) on its own.
Therefore, the files cannot be changed and as I can see in the screenshot, your definition file has a different name. Remove " (1)" from the filename, please. Then it all should work.

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